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Is MillionaireLA online dating service a scam???
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6/20/2010 8:28 PM (PST)

Has anyone signed up with MillionaireLA (part of EliteGlobalDating), an 'upscale' online dating service? I paid $199 for 90 days, but suspect that most of their profiles are fake: they are of very handsome men with head-shot type photos and fully completed profiles. I had about 20 on line letters when I first signed up but when I wrote back to several, never heard anything back. All of the 'regular' 'real' people on the site are the same old average quality as on other online sites. I feel they are using 'Bait and Switch' and it's unethical.

I want my money back!!

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6/21/2010 2:18 PM (PST)


If the company has not made attempts to resolve your dispute, file a complaint with the BBB by clicking View BBB Report above. Also if you paid by credit card, contact your credit card company. Perhaps they will assist you in disputing the charges.

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8/7/2010 5:12 AM (PST)

My experience:On most profiles the ID, profession and income is NOT verified. In fact it is the odd one that is verified. Not a paid member and receiving 18+ mails a week? Don't be fooled it is an automated service! (Service for paid members) The mails stopped the moment I became a paid member. Looking for a SA man? Their profiles are as incomplete and empty as on any other match making service. Oh and strangely enough, I did not receive an automated mail from any South African? To top it up - my membership was already closed at least 5 days before it expired!!!

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