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this is two days after and swollen... nice results already!!!  

right after surgery swollen and red but no pain!!  

redness still no pain!  

chunk i hated! before surgery  

inner knee chunk i hated before surgery!  

3 days after icing  

after .. still need anterior and outter thighs done  

much slimmer looking in pants :)  

outter hips and thighs done. still need anterior thighs and flanks 2013  

side view still need flanks and anterior thighs done 2013  

area of a little concern but having more done to improve look 2013  

my streach out stomach after two kids.. this is after proceedure..loose skin..will need tummy tuck  

after surgery on inner thighs and inner knee...still need anterior  

very happy with lipo on stomach..even though i still need tummy tuck.  

anterior thighs will be next..legs will look really nice afterwards  
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